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Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation, discovery and Mastery?

I am the expert guide that walks by your side to ensure you are on the right path to achieving your goals. As your guide I help you tap into your true potential, heal the past, get motivated to move forward and discover winning strategies to take you to the next level of growth and achievement. I am here to assist you navigate any major life transition, like divorce, a career change, relationship issues or to find your life purpose.  The goal is for you to achieve fulfillment, inspiration and reach personal growth, self-improvement and inner-guidance to live your best life. Through my expertise you I will share a myriad of strategies and efficient tools. 

My expertise spans 30 years of working with people.  I have a vast toolkit that allows me to offer a variety of services, empowering you to experience a breakthrough and transform your life.  I custom design your sessions to best serve your specific needs and goals.


Not sure what direction you want to go in and need clarity?


I offer a 30-minute complimentary discovery phone session for you to have the opportunity to explore how my services can assist you.

What People Are Saying

Working with Leti Stiles was one of the more transformative experiences of my life. We went deep to understand and identify the issues, negative beliefs, and unproductive patterns that I needed to deal with and had blocked me from success in my personal life and career. She helped me to address them appropriately through motivation, coaching, and hypnotherapy. I highly recommend working with Leti especially to further understand yourself, or feel stuck but lack the tools and insights to address them. I had many breakthroughs while working with her. — Mark Kelton

 Work with Leti

I am not your average Guide or Coach.  My approach is Heart-Centered but practical.  I am not here to tell you what you are missing or what you need to do.  I am here to empower you and encourage you.  The focus, is for you to uncover your strengths, unique gifts, innate guidance and wisdom.  My approach in working with you is to remind you that you already have everything you need in this adventure, Your Life!  In working with me, you and I embark on a transformational discovery process in which you discover what motivates, what you are passionate about, and how to reach clarity; so you may take inspired action, feel more alive and motivated to reach your goals.


combine practical tools and personal growth methodologies to facilitate your transformation. You can achieve results quickly and align yourself to the highest purpose in you career, relationships and spiritual development. No matter where you are are at in life, I can guide you to clarity, direction and  the next level of excellence.   

About Leti

I am fueled by my passion and belief that life is a gift and an adventure, if you dare to live it to its fullest.  I have devoted my life to a journey of discovery and healing in my professional and personal life.


I can offer you practical wisdom, guidance and clear direction. My skills come from years of professional and life experience.  I have acquired valuable knowledge and expertise throughout my career, formal education, training and personal growth journey and life experience. As a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Astrologer, Shamanic practitioner, Sacred Sexuality Educator, Intuitive and Artist I have a toolbox at my disposal to assit you.

I left my corporate position in 2009, working with over 20,000 people in job search, executive placement, coaching and HR employment. I am now dedicated to working with people in a more focused manner by offering online or in person individual sessions, classes and groups.

Additionally, I worked in the social services and the legal arena, as a case manager and counselor both in residential programs and court services.  During this period I honed my skills with trauma management, crisis situations and conflict resolutions.  I am here to assist you in your journey of healing and integration.

Leti Stiles, Transformational Coach

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