About Leti


I am highly trained in innovative and transformative methods to motivate and actualize real change. I am insightful and skilled in my approach in working with people. For the past 30 years I’ve been engaged in a life long journey of higher learning and exploring the healing capacity of mind, body and spirit.  Using a transpersonal and practical approach allows you to bypass the conscious mind and tap and access the power of the subconscious mind.   I incorporate 30 years of business practices in human resources, recruitment, crisis counseling with self- empowerment, personal growth and hypnotherapy to accelerate change.  Transformational Life Coaching incorporates effective methods with the power of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programing. Along with formal education in psychology, I have studied and trained with a variety of personal growth, empowerment teachers and coaches.  I trained directly with John Gray PhD., on relationship dynamics and effective communication.  To date, I continue my professional  education and trainings in relevant subjects.


I hold several  certifications in Hypnosis /Hypnotherapy certification by the US National Guild of Hypnotists. Other certificates and training; Trauma Release, NLP, Breath-Work; Reiki Energy work, Expressive Arts Therapy.

I have undergone intensive study in a variety of Esoteric subjects and metaphysical studies as a long life student since my teens. I am a seasoned Tarot reader, Numerologist, and a Shamanic energy healer and Intuitive Guide. My love for Astrology spans 25 years and I have studied with a variety of teachers, attending conferences and study groups. I am currently working on my professional certificate as an Evolutionary Astrologer with Kim Marie Weimer, of the Evolutionary Astrology Network.


I have an integrative approach by combining Depth Psychology and a Jungian prospective along with Human Design and Astrology to dive deeply into the unconscious and subconscious terrains. This facilitates accurate insight in guiding my clients find answers, clear direction and practical wisdom. Through rigorous study of these subjects, I have gain an expertise in reading patterns and deciphering the soul's language inherent to these ancient teachings and wisdom.

I have found through the years that resistance is part of the process of life." What resist, persist" and what you hide from will eventual find you.    For those that wish to uncover a deeper connection to themselves and life purpose, Shadow work is always part of the curriculum in life.   It is powerful work as it will bring you back to the brilliance of your light and unique expression and to live life without apologies.  To dissolve the resistance, you will learn to use it to catapult yourself  to a new level of  self-transparency and acceptance. 

You will find at your deepest core that what most humans want, is to live an authentic life in which they are free to embody their deepest truth,  in their careers, their relationships and life's mission.  Together we can uncover that all along your resistance has been a motivator,  but using  distorted  and outdate strategies.

As your guide, I am here to be your transformation partner, so you may liberate your mind, limitation and deprogram the deep cultural and familial conditioning and faulty beliefs.