Divine Conversations

This is a new service I am offering, and I  am so excited to add this new service for those that seek  Spiritual Guidance.  To celebrate, I will be offering a special price for the next 2 months, so make sure you book your Divine Conversation Session.

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Intuitive guidance can come in many forms, you may already have a strong intuitive sense yourself,or simply are fascinated by those that have such gifts.

I invite you to have a dialogue with the wisdom of the universe and guidance of your soul and other divine realms.  I act as a conduit, I am an empath and my psychic gifts are clairsentience and claircognizance. These tools have been part of my repertoire most of my life unbeknownst to me ! I was not aware of their fullness until amazing guidance and information started coming through in my sessions. I would often wondered how this was possible?  How did I know and feel certain things that had no logic and went beyond my training.  I began to understand that I was tapping into the divine realms to accelerate my client's process.  I began to see that I had shut down these gifts at an early age,  because this gifts got me in trouble. They went onto the shelf of my childhood memory.  

Most of my life I have worked in assisting people navigate life's challenges, search for meaning, finding their life purpose and learn how to communicate and achieve their goals and desires.   

These sessions are not for the purpose of predicting the future, but rather to assist you to go deeper in your understanding of your spiritual-self and to gain access to your higher knowledge and wisdom.  These session may be combined with other sessions that will assist you even further in your self discovery journey.

Throughout the years in working with people I discovered my innate intuitive gifts, that I could not see or acknowledge.  Despite that I studied and explored spirituality, metaphysics and energy healing since my teens,  My journey of self discovery, I was finally led to acknowledge and learn to work with my gifts fully. I now offer a new service, I call, Divine Conversations.  In these sessions, I am open and guided by allowing the divine to have a conversation directly with your soul, spirit guides, and the divine realms. During these sessions specific guidance is revealed, coming through me specifically addressing your concerns or questions.  These sessions tend to be intense, yet gentle, filled with wisdom, guidance and sometimes with specific information on your situation.