A New Horizon

Today is a powerful day with the Super full moon eclipse at zero degrees Leo and zero degrees Aquarius. A strong ending and a new beginning. This energy will have us ride the waves of change in many areas of our lives. We can experience an awakening of our creative genius and of what we are birthing this year. With all the planets direct, the sense of moving forward and Uranus in Aries, we will feel the drive and excitement of our hearts desire. We are being called to claim our individuality in new and innovative ways, that will benefit the collective. There is an opportunity to tune into the Eagles visionary ability to gleam the future potential of renewal. How can we create new and exciting way to contribute through our individual spark? The year begun with a Solar Eclipse requiring a structured approach that is tangible and practical in setting our goals and vision for this year. This is an amazing invitation to alchemizes inspiration, creativity and courage into a form; bringing heaven to earth. The universe is given us a potent invitation to align our collective consciousness with the highest vision for Mother Earth, grounding our truest IAM presence.

Our challenge is to stay grounded, stay in integrity and accountable. Our beliefs will be tested as Jupiter and Neptune have several squares this year. Saturn and Pluto will go into their retrograde cycles and conjunction of the south node in the month April. We will feel the enthusiasm to push forward in the month of January and yet there are going to be moments that will require revisiting our beliefs, examining where we are dilute ourselves and whether we have learned the lessons of the previous eclipse cycle. Jupiter and Neptune will do their dance three times this year, mid January, mid-June and mid September. In one hand we will be more inspired to take action while Saturn will keep us in check to have a plan to make our goals and dream real. All new beginning are exciting but not only will we feel the call to express our creative genius and individuality with gusto at the beginning of the year, but we must course correct by allowing things fall away that have degenerated. There will be a continuation of the collective experiencing the crumbling of old structures that Pluto and Saturn are bring down. The corruption and misuse of power will continue to rage on in all our socio economic and political fronts. The masses will demand accountability and balance of power. Jupiter in Sagittiruis will continue keep our attention on the current discontent, and fluctuating monetary systems, foreign trade, immigration reform, inequality of workers and women rights. Uranus will bring unexpected change and innovation at the same time when in moves into Taurus. Its effect will be felt in our banking system, food production, earth changes and stock markets viability. Technological advancements will continue impacting how manage daily life and our resources. As the summer approaches we are being primed for the intensity of the two eclipse in July within the Capricorn, Cancer axis. The South Node is already very active as Saturn and Pluto show us that the old way of operating in the world not are longer in alignment with new consciousness emerging. The North Node in Cancer has been activate as more women come into positions of power to change the old narrative that has been operating on domination and corruption. The Cancerian energies will bring an acute awareness to our vulnerability and need for security and protecting that which we have relied on. All beginnings hold a promise and birthing pains. So keep your eyes on that new horizon emerging, knowing that we are finding new ways to get to the promise land.