A Strong New Beginning

The New Moon is tomorrow as well as the partial Solar eclipse at 15 degree in Capricorn opposing Cancer 12 degrees. These energies are offering a new energetic as we have ended long standing cycles and beginning new cycles. We begun the new year with the enthusiasm of Jupiter in Sagittiruis and the action driven Mars energy. But in Capricorn the ruler Saturn is pushing us to evolve as a collective by looking carefully before diving into new waters. So many of us are ready for new beginnings, projects, dreams and goals because last year was touch and go, with a lot truth telling, losses and purging. The energy that we started this year supports us and has given us a little boost of energy, enthusiasm and momentum for the long road of 2019. As 2018 was filled with retrogrades, and hard aspects that were reflected in the polarization in our society in a variety of arenas. The world crumbled, purged and discovered raw truths in all fronts, we clearly were faced with what was out of whack in the world and our relationships, finances and so forth. So as this new moon starts us off with a kick of energy and a desire to move forward, the eclipse that will be happening tomorrow, says, not so fast. We are being asked to re-examine the facts and question, is what we are doing based on facts, is it realistic, are we over shooting? Capricorn is pulling us back to ensure that whatever we commit to this new year we can go the distance. So there will be a lot push and pull most of the year, to ensure that we are successful in our endeavors, finish up old business, not overshoot and over-estimate what we commit to. Pluto the lord of transformation is also in Capricorn and it is pointing our attention to what is decaying that no longer serves the collective and our lives. This is the way of Saturn, conservative, calculating and steady. This energy helps us course correct in order to foster self responsibility, integrity, consistency as well as self mastery. Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Mars, these major players are showing us what is possible in creating a new sustainable future, with our feet planted firmly on the earth. In the long run it minimizes, disappointment, regrets and heavy consequences. Pluto and Saturn are the long run players helping us create a new reality by deconditioning us and helping us releasing an outdated paradigm that is decaying and not serving the whole. Although we are being asked to sober up collectively we are also being shown that we can become master builders of a new earth. So on this new moon, set your intentions and resolve what is out of alignment. Despite that Saturn shows us our limitations, its function is to help us gage realistically the work required to make our dreams come true as we move forward to new territories and frontiers.