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Alignment & Adjustment

This week is about adjustment, realignment and redirecting our efforts. The week starts with the Moon in Aries, the planet of energy and drive wii assist us move forward and perhaps with some impatience. By tomorrow Uranus and Jupiter will be a in a favorable aspect (trine) helping us open our minds to new possibilities, so a good time to unleash your genius.

By Wednesday Venus also trines Jupiter, points are attention in areas

of relationships, money and creativity. Venus in Leo is playful and stirs up our creative juices and having some fun can help us navigate the rest of the week. While Saturn in an opposition to the Sun in Leo will pulls us into sobriety, and may have us feel some limitations. After all we are reaching Virgo season, back to school and focusing our minds. By the end of the week Mars the planet of action will go into Gemini and Mercury will go into practical Virgo. This brings a definite shift to our mental capacities and excitability. These aspects will stimulate many ideas and learning something new. There will be a heighten desire to communicate and an exchange of ideas. Mercury in Virgo will help us focus and organizing our thoughts into actions. Excellent energies to plan and plot new projects; ensuring you are not only focus on the new ideas pouring in, but paying attention to the pesky little details. However, we may overlook that the major planets, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter are in retrograde. So the dance is one step forward and two back, but watch where your are going and don’t step on others’ toes.

In a way the universe is opening us to new visions, stimulating our imagination and expanding our vistas, but the bigger planets kind of slow us down a bit. By the end of the week, the mood will be much more mental, and when Neptune opposes Mercury, things can get muddled, foggy or overwhelming, perhaps too much is being entertained. Yes we are moving forward but we must align our desires and ideas to viable options, even innovation and imagination needs a clear direction in order to reach their maximum potential. It may be a good time for writing, creating art and music to channel all these ideas, inspiration and downloads and give them form.

If things are popping up that you are annoyances or slowing you down, pay attention.

The Moon in Aries is currently squaring the North node helping us clean up old stuff that interferes with our progress to our future endeavors. This period is definitely moving us forward but the momentum is calling for some forethought and objectivity. The Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries, is up against the planet of the wounded warrior and healing. Emotional wounds can be heighten as Jupiter gets closer, inviting us to heal. Aries will provide the impetus and courage to face old issues that need attention. So this week can be productive as the energies shift so we may align our new projects, desires and dreams with a good action plan. This is a good time to purge emotionally, strengthen the mind through discipline, focus and determination.


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