Turning Lead to Gold

Everything is energy and frequency in motion.  The quality of our life experience is dependent on the quality of our  "state of mind".  We create our daily lives moment by moment with intention, thought, and action.  We have an internal energetic guiding system that is always playing in the background, affecting our moods, feelings and perceptions.  We can experience a quantum leap in consciousness by direct intention, shifting our body energetics and belief system. To transform our “Lead” into “Gold”   one must be courageous enough to  look deeply in the mirror of self-reflection and love oneself fiercely.  This is alchemy, turning lead into gold, the transformational process  to gain a renew sense of your true self and the beginning of living in full alignment to your true purpose.

There comes a time when we may not feel ready for change or we may feel a deep sense that change is coming, but unsure what is coming into the forefront of our consciousness, it's inevitable. The calling of change can be very loud or very quiet yet, it cannot be ignored. You can feel a heaviness like walking around with lead shoes, feeling stuck or stagnate and can't find the inspiration or motivation to push forward. Sometimes an unexpected crisis comes along that forces change, leaving us to make decisions we were not prepared or perhaps we avoided. No matter what brings you to the brink, you must leap, this of course can activate our fears, limitations, unconscious blocks and unresolved issues from the past. Where do we turn too, how do we find the courage to traverse the unknown territory?

Finding our way

We are born to evolve and grow, it's the very nature of existence, we can't avoid this evolutionary impulse. At times we feel lost not sure what direction to take; the road less travel, walking with a partner, going into the wilderness or camping out for a while under the trees?   We have life choices we must face and start walking our own journey and finding what really fulfill us.  If we are lucky enough we know that there is a better way and feel the yearning to seek it.  When lost, what do you rely on?  Your intuition, your past experiences, advice from trusted friends?  Have you explored your inner guidance and developed your "internal GPS" or do you still rely on the outside for answers.  Do you contemplate your own nature and seek within your own heart and innate intelligence?  Many of us have not been fortunate to have been taught the refined skills of self mastery, meditation, listening to our inner voice or harnessing our body wisdom.  We have forgotten that we have been born with soul wisdom and spiritual guides; and that all the answers are within.  Nature helps us unlock  the wisdom of the elements as a window into the fractal nature of life. Nature will always reflect back to us the truth of what we are, it is the feedback loop of the universe. The more you live and perceive through the lens of nature (natural law) the more you can experience your divine and inherent nature.

The Lead in your life

The lead is our ego mind, worrying, comparing, judging,  blaming, finding fault with others and ourselves.  All of these states of mind create a heavy energetic that affects your outlook and sense of well being.  How you relate to others and how satisfied you feel in your relationships, in your jobs, and your family life, is directly connected to the "LEAD" of your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The quality and balance of your daily life is impacted by the "LEAD" you carry around. Little by little your energy becomes dull and you live to survive the next day.   These are merely symptoms of unprocessed feelings, out-dated and limiting beliefs, and childhood traumas that were not fully expressed and integrated.   You feel lost, confused, angry, and disenchanted, the deep yearning for meaning gnaws at ypu.  How can you navigate out of these patterns and transform your life and thrive?  Soul Alchemy empowers you to embark into an inner journey to regain balance,  clarity and full expression of your purpose and expression.  When you are in full alignment resonating your true energetic expression with no inner conflict, you begin to thrive. The principal of resonance offers you the tool to change your vibrational and energetic patterns to create real change.  When you match your energetic emotional body to your desired states of being, it simply manifests in the outside world. When you embark in deep self-inquiry you can help find your true self and authentic expression. This transformational process provides the cauldron for breaking down, breaking free, and liberating you to live in this world with more meaning and purpose.

The Gold in your life

The good news is that we all have "GOLD" deep down inside of us.  Your light has never left you, you can shine brightly again. You  have untapped potential and amazing gifts within. You were all born with co-creative abilities, just look around at the incredible things you have survived, endured and created.  Even some of these perceived failures or challenges have been blessings in disguise.  Your spirit is strong as long as you focus and accentuate the positive and keep moving.  The "GOLD" is at your reach, it takes willingness to try something different and leap into an amazing life the sustains you fully from the inside out.  The" GOLD" is the love you are, the love you are willing to give and receive.  Self-love and self-acceptance shifts us into higher frequencies and opening the way to a new vision, a new You.  The true expression of your soul embodied by YOU.  Tapping into the transformational process leads us to a profound life experience of embodied brilliance, "GOLD." By freeing your soul from self-imposed and societal limitations, you can embrace your inherent divine nature and access higher states of consciousness and lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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