In The Cauldron

Don't blame it all on Mercury Rx !! It’s that season again, we have been in shadow period for the last two weeks and boy, I have felt it with delays and technology issues. Mercury in Scorpio is penetrating energy that seek to go deeply into what is going on, beyond the surface. it’s asking you to dig deeper as you slow down long enough to do your due diligence about how things appear. Bottom line this retrograde will feel more intense as it is happening at 11 degrees of Scorpio, while Mars and Pluto are still in a square intensifying the need for getting to the truth and who is in control and in power?

These dynamics are not only about what’s going on in the world stage of politics, but it pierces through your very soul essence. This touches into the deepest core in your relationships, careers, and all aspects of your life that are being restructured. Pluto is a transformative force that is pushing out that which no longer serves your evolutionary growth. When Pluto squares its home sign of Scorpio there is no hiding, the skeletons will come out of the closet, not to frighten you but for you to examine what is deeply embedded in your subconscious, in the daylight. Pluto is here to transform the shadow aspects so we can have new growth. The power dynamics of what you are in control or not may come up, so just let go of the fears that may arise, the disempowering beliefs that keep you stuck and take stock of what you have power and control over. MarsRx accentuates the need to be in control and can be a powerful source of motivation, but it can be aggressive and argumentative. Be cautious about conflict and choose your battles carefully during this period.

Uranus is also in an opposition to MercuryRx during this period and it can help you become more objective and see things from higher perspectives and consider others pointview, with fresh eyes. Uranus and Mercury can shed a new light as you release what you are holding onto. Uranus can bring in sudden changes and insights, while Pisces in a trine with Mercury adds to the force of dissolving and getting out of the fog when it comes to the subconscious beliefs that are bogging you down. Neptune, Pisces’ ruler can also bring disappointment and disillusionment as Pluto removes and Uranus brings in change and freedom. So this season is about intense purification of our mind and soul. This can be an uncomfortable period, but it is potent energy to catapult us to a new level of transformation as we release all that has happened during 2020. We are definitely in the intensity of the cauldron as the metal of our ego personality is melting to be remolded into something new.

Mercury is in a powerful position in this cosmic soup as it also squares the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, this is a signal that as a collective we are reprogramming the way we think about many things, and to move forward we must re-imagine our reality, seek new ideas, new perspectives and to consider the diversity of beliefs, perceptions and ideologies.