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Lions Gate Portal

We are moving at lightning speed towards the Lions Gate portal peaking on the 8th. I have been feeling a little tired, more than usual and as I talk to people I hear that so many people are feeling heavy and are going through so much change. Our bodies are receiving more light and new codes from the sun, downloading at a rapid pace. The emotional baggage will not make it through the gates.

The conjunction of Uranus, Mars and the Nodal axis in Taurus are in a dynamic tension (square) with the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius are facilitating the rocket fuel to help us release shadow issues and to look beyond the illusions that keep us from rising beyond matrix reality. This is creating pressure in our physical, astral, emotional bodies. The electric and dynamic energies of Uranus and Mars can affect and disrupt our nervous system and feeling a bit edgy. Be mindful and practicing self care can be very helpful in grounding yourself as we feel the massive waves of cosmic light pouring into to the earth. You may also feel like you can no longer relate to those around you due to so much change. Feeling disconnected, discomfort and overwhelmed that something has to change, or a breakthrough is underway or perhaps you have jumped timelines?

This period is giving us a push forward even when the details have not fully unfolded. Trust your heart, that indeed you can move into the unknown fully guided. Even when what you dependent on is slipping away and you are wondering, What now? This disorientation is alerting you that you have shifted and feelings of displacement are quite normal and in some ways opening opportunities you did not see before.

As we pass through the Lions gate, the full moon in Aquarius on the 11th squares Saturn in Aquarius guiding us towards self mastery and self responsibility. The next level of your consciousness is unfolding and stepping into new terrain with discernment. This calls for you to examine what you have committed to and ensuring you are in alignment to the new plans you are engaged. Saturn prunes what is no longer viable. So be willing to release emotional attachment around what is out of your control.

This is a new phase towards self expression and thinking outside the box and who you have become. How do you fit in the collective vision we are co-creating? The Sun in Leo in this powerful opposition to Saturn and Moon. This is calling forth your creative and unique self expression with temperance and maturity. Uranus squaring the Sun are accentuating a strong sense determination for you to step forward into your power and shine. There is a pull from Saturn to stay focus and grounded at the same time of traversing new unknown territory. It feels like walking a tightrope, balance is key. Saturn will help you temper the Leonian tendency of overshooting.

We are being supported in so many ways, the solar activity and light codes are catapulting us into transformative times. There is a lot going on, so be vigilant and stay true to your hearts desire.

We are all evolving at our own speed and pace, no judgment how fast or how slow. We are all moving towards the same destination and helping each other during this period is crucial.


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