New Moon, Ending & New Beginnings

The New Moon on March 6th at 15º Pisces conjuncts Neptune, Pisces ruler, making this an important lunation, as just a few hours after, Uranus moves into Taurus and Mercury will start its retrograde cycle. This cluster super charges this new moon with future unrealized potential and shifts the current dynamics for the month of March. Pisces helps us harmonizes polarities and dualistic energies to help us reconnect with our soul to experience Oneness and spiritual connections to everything and everyone. It is a boundless energy that makes us more aware and sensitive to what is going on around us, as it is a dissolving energy. It heightens our intuition and psychic awareness, we feel everything around us. The lower expression of Pisces can have us clinging to illusions, experiencing isolation, grief, loss, feeling separate and victimize with a desire to escape into fantasy, denial and drug use. Neptune is the Ruler of Pisces and is exalted here, amplifying the energies to a larger degree than usual. So, it’s a good idea to ground yourselves by spending time in nature and in your body. Redirect these energies into positive direction, engaging in journaling, art, yoga and meditation will help you re-calibrate the intensity. During this period, we must become aware that we can absorb other’s thoughts and energies much easier. In many way this period is about reconnecting with Spirit or Source, letting go of the ego mind and surrendering “our will to divine will”. Trusting that everything is working out perfectly and having a knowingness that we can trust the universe is the gift of Pisces. So, we are being asked to slow down and go with the flow, letting go of resistance so the new can emerge. A good time to readjust our sails in our spiritual journey while staying awake to discern the coming changes.

This new moon will coincides with the passage of Uranus into Taurus 0º and Mercury retrograding at 29º Pisces. Uranus is the planet of freedom, radical change and individuality. This could be the catalyzing energy we have needed to move forward despite the fear of the unknown and our inability to release what has been hard to let go off. As you release outdated expectations and beliefs, allow the new parts of you that are emerging and be revealed through this period of dissolution. After all Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and endings bring new beginnings.

Mercury brings the usual confusion, miscommunication, technical and logistic misunderstandings. Mercury in Pisces brings an extra sensitivity and a more right-brain approach to information coming in. During this time, stay alert and discern the information coming in from the media, wait and see if what is being broadcasted can be trusted. Caution, the collective will be susceptible to misinformation and deception from the media during this transit. Jupiter also will square Neptune through most of the year and we will be asking us to question, who and what is true? and who can we trust? This is when you can tune in to your Pisces intuition. In the mix, Mars 14º in Taurus is in semi-sextile with Neptune at 15º Pisces, it can stabilize all these mutable energies and helps us get grounded, become practical and slow down to make better decisions.

Uranus ingresses into 0º Taurus on the same day of the new moon, bringing its accelerating energies, and creating a breakthrough as well as support for new avenues of individual expression, creative potential in our soul’s evolutionary journey. Thus, helping us ground a new reality and future possibilities that were not available to us before. Uranus is known as “the awakener” and out of the blue, a shift in perception and circumstances may occur in areas of finances, relationships and how we experience the material world. In one hand we may experience the destabilizing energies of Uranus, but on the other, this period may bring needed adjustments and reforms to our core psychological issues and patterns in the areas of resources, banking, climate, earth changes and personal relationships. Let’s remember that this transit will last 7 years, so these changes will be slower. Uranus’ purpose is to bring to light new ways to live on the earth and forge a new paradigm. This new moon brings all these dynamics into our conscious awareness in a powerful way to benefit us in the long run. So, take the opportunity this month to align body, mind and spirit to your goals and desire to manifest a spiritual renewal and rebirth.

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Disclaimer: Leti is an ordained minister providing  spiritual counseling rather than psychotherapy.  Her training spans over 30 years in working with people and guiding them with various methods.  The work she does is with people that seek  personal growth, self improvement and to find their inner-guidance. She does not diagnoses, work with pathology, or claim to be an expert offering a treatment or cure.