Out of the Blue

The full moon on October 31st will be an intense time that can be full of surprises and will set the tone for the next two weeks. Blue moons are rare, and this is one is no exception as it comes at a time when we are at a crossroads and at a tipping point as a collective. As we near the elections, more unexpected revelations may surface and jolt us, perhaps to a new understanding. With Mercury Rx in Scorpio, we will not take things at face value and will seek and dig for the truth. This very powerful moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus will bring in an opportunity to release and have a breakthrough to perhaps see things differently when it comes to the foundational beliefs and current circumstances. The Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus, will have us focus on the material reality of resources, money, security and self-worth. This is an excellent time to re-evaluate investments, budgets and how you can implement new creative ways to become more self-sufficient not just financially, but in your relationships and partnerships. Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, will illuminate what needs purging and release, especially what is obviously and no longer serving you. Pluto and Uranus simply bring in radical change to help us evolve and let go of our attachments. It can be a rude awakening, but sometimes needed to help us cut co-dependence ties or over reliance to the system of power. The moon’s full power will be felt at a deep level of your psyche, having you consider what actions to take next as the shifts of our personal world and collective seem to be on shaky ground.

Mercury Rx in Scorpio is digging deeply to find new strategies despite feeling the limitation of the past 10 months After almost a year of Covid, Mars Rx is still having us carefully examine how to take action to move forward with our lives and mitigate so much change ,and is itching to take action. The stellium of luminary planets, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, will continue to affect change and re-examination of the changes at all aspects of life, as we have known it. The key foundation will be our relationships and dropping resistance to what is beyond our control. It is best to keep in mind that going with the flow may facilitate more ease in these transformative times.

Uranus can bring in new perspective, new ideas and a creative potential to seek new paths because the old ones are no longer accessible. This reconstruction we have been undergoing is like a remodel, that despite the mess, we will eventually have a new and better home. We only need to be willing to deal with what might come up from out of the blue and the discomfort that brings. In some ways, we are being tested to uphold what is the most important things in our lives. Whether an unexpected change comes knocking on the door, this full moon has the power to help us release and move through the grief and fear of the unknown.

Uranus in Taurus tends to shake up the stability and security that is the Hallmark of Taurus, so you may feel vulnerable to outside forces and the elements. As we experience the reconstruction by Uranus, which will remain in this placement for 5 more years, its purpose is to help us reimagine the innovative spirit of our collective. As a nation we are rebuilding the collapse of structures that no longer meet our collective needs and evolutionary potential. So this moon is indicating the ending of the old power structures and the beginning of new ones. Your choice, which path will you choose?

Here are a couple of ideas to contemplate:

How and to whom have you given your power away and how can you empower yourself as change is upon us?

Reprioritize and concentrate your efforts on what is in true alignment ?

What attachments and codependency ties need to be cut and what no longer serves you that you must release?

What can you rely on? Look within to find your inner security.

What are you excited about, what new horizons or opportunities can you see? If none, how can you focus on a new path?

Have you forgotten to take care of yourself in some way ? What self care is overdue?

Through the rubble of the old path or the new path, we can build together anew as we get past the unknown.