Portal of Power

This Supermoon Eclipse is not a one day event. You will feel the effects of this potent activation reverberating deeply for weeks, until the next pair of eclipses in July. Our emotional bodies imprinted with new energies and codes of possibilities. A portal opened up, we are witnessing its energy activating the waves of the Goddess returning. Each individual will feel its affects in one way or another. So be aware that the emotions are running high. The Leo, Aquaruis axis is potent energy, specially at 00 degrees. Adding to the mix there are many aspect with other planets. In particular Chiron in Picses and Uranus in Aries both at 28 degree. We will feel the collective wound and the desire to liberate ourselves from the pain and restrictions of the current system that is crumbling and the toxicity of unresolved karmic wounds as a country and in our personal lives. Don't resist what is to come, so let go, yes let go so you may feel the fires of creativity, inspiration and the courage of the lion moving you forward. As a collective we are seeking to reclaim the right use of power that will support all life and to end the abuse of power by the few. The Eclipse yesterday, demonstrated that the darkness overcame the light temporarily. The darkness was consumed by the fires of the resurrecting Phoenix, igniting in us a new dream, the light returning even brighter. This new vision and consciousness we seek will require commitment and strong resolve to see it through in this year ahead. The light is always the strongest in the darkness. What an opportunity we have as a collective to heal and co-create a new reality. The old ways will not give us what we need, what will sustain us, is our ability and desire to forge new territory with the Goddess Rising from the ocean of a new consciousness, the blue wave has begun. And this is what keeps my wary self going on days when fear and sadness seeps in. Nothing can eclipse the evolution and revolution in consciousness we are embarking on. Bless it be!