Quantum Leap

A beautiful new moon is approaching, on January 24th the new moon will be at 4°Aquarius and it’s like a breath of fresh air. After a couple of weeks of intensity with Saturn and Pluto at 23°Capricorn in a conjunction, we are ready for a shift of lighter energies. Although the ripples of this conjunction will be felt for years, Saturn and Pluto at 23° Capricorn are beginning to separate and are not interacting with other planets for now. This gives us a well needed reprieve from the heaviness of the last couple of months. The dynamic energy of Aquarius opens us to new ideas, new opportunities and stimulates our curiosity and genius. The new moon will be at an exact conjunction with the Sun 4° Aquarius on the 24th of January bringing forth a sense of new beginnings and a new way forward. We can now envision new possibilities for the new year and decade unfolding with more ease and purpose. Mercury at 13°Aquarius stimulates our keen mental awareness and thinking processes. We are likely to see things more objectively from a bigger perspective. Our minds can open to new insights, solutions and future plans begin to take form. Mars at 14° Sagittarius joins Mercury at 13° Aquarius in a sextile bringing clarity and the impetus needed for the new projects, new ideas and endeavors to take root. These two planets boost the energy and our motivation to move us forward.

A couple of days before the new moon, the energies are building, the Sun and Moon are at 2° Aquarius in a square to Uranus in 2° Taurus, the planet of sudden change, awakenings and out of the blue happenings can shake things up in order to get us out of our comfort zone or complacency. This dynamic connection is the perfect combination to help us shed the old skin, get unstuck and set off into a new direction. Uranus’ electric energy can takes us by surprise and disrupt plans or divert us into a different direction, we couldn’t see before. Perhaps this is exactly what we need to take a quantum leap into the unknown. It is a highly electric and creative day, an ideal time to seek clarity, as new information and inspiration is available to help us break away from any rut, we may be in.

There is an optimism in the air as things begin to move forward and all the planets are now in forward motion giving us the green light to start those new projects. Things are beginning to gel now that the concentration of planets in earth signs are dispersing into all the four elements. Take advantage of these forces to release resistance, postponing or procrastinating on those things you want to pursue but you may not feel quite ready.

Chiron at 2° Aries will also be a strong energy during this new moon, as it will be in a sextile on the 22nd with both the Sun and Moon at 2° Aquarius, this may bring up resistance to release our attachments to our emotional wounded stories. Chiron along with Uranus are parting the way for us to leave our old identity behind and invest in our new self that is beginning to emerge. So, don't be surprise if healing opportunities show up during this week. We are like a snake shedding its old skin, we may feel emotionally vulnerable and anxious about the unknown . This week may bring out emotional sensitivities and feelings of insecurities around the state of affairs in our personal lives, as well as, the geo-political affairs playing out in the world stage, creating subconscious fears and anxiety.

These energies can be helpful as we can integrate the healing we have undergone these past few months. It is a good time to use the new moon energies, not only to set intentions for the year but take symbolic action to set in motion the needed support and resources you will need to make your goals tangible. Ceremony and ritual are powerful tools to send these intention into the universe.

There are some divergent energies that will pull us in opposite directions. Venus at 13° Pisces is approaching her conjunction with Neptune in 16° Pisces by Sunday the 26th/27th, here she is not interested in the daily grind of goals or hard work. She wants to take a break, time to dream, disengage from the pressures. Venus in Pisces, is dreamy, romantic and highly intuitive and wants to enjoy the pleasures of life. She will tend to want to slow down and escape from the world through distraction and entertainment. She may want to stay home and bing watch her favorite Sci-Fi series.

This energy can be useful to find inspiration, take a spiritual retreat for a few days and reconnect with your romantic partner. Mars on the other hand, is at 14° Sagittarius and nearing an exact square with Neptune at 16° and Venus at 13° in Pisces. These two planets are needing different things and have different desires. Venus wants a break and Mars is ready to go. Mars in Sagittarius wants to forge ahead in a big way and may feel impatient, frustrated or blocked; as Neptune diffuses his energies, temporarily dampening his motivation and clarity. The trick here is to play with these energies, take a break knowing you can pick up where you left off. If at all possible, find a happy medium and proceed with caution, watch for tensions and conflicts that may arise in your relationships, measure your words carefully and be mindful not to get bogged down with ego battles. Jupiter 12° Capricorn lends a stabilizing force in a sextile with Venus and Mercury by reflecting practical guidance taking into account a larger perspective and assist us with opportunities to support our advancement into the future.

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Disclaimer: Leti is an ordained minister providing  spiritual counseling rather than psychotherapy.  Her training spans over 30 years in working with people and guiding them with various methods.  The work she does is with people that seek  personal growth, self improvement and to find their inner-guidance. She does not diagnoses, work with pathology, or claim to be an expert offering a treatment or cure.