Revisioning, The Future

Can you feel it? Mercury is in retrograde from March 5th through the 28th, a time to regroup, reset and renew your life. Mercury will retrograde at the last degree Pisces and will have a longer stay in this sign than usual. So get ready for an inner journey as we will explore more of the invisible realms and our mental sensitivity will be amplified. This is an excellent time to do inner work of any type involving the subconscious mind, like dream work, past life regression and meditation. As we slow down and the boundaries get diffused, inspiration and creativity will be closer to our reach. The mind uniting with the heart, our dreams and need to fuse with spirit will be stronger. But also take your time to be more aware and clear about communications and logistics. Stay flexible so you can shift with the tides of this mutable energy that will be very dominant this month.

A powerful conjunct happens between Pisces and its ruler Neptune at 15 degrees. We enter a timeless landscape of the mind and soul as the new moon and Mercury Retrograde emphasizes a time to release what is dredge from the unconscious, those deep seated thought patterns that cloud our perception and keep us stuck. After all Pisces is about surrendering the ego and dissolving into the imagination to dream the world anew. The Ego thinks to be the master because it’s nature is to think and it gets caught in the matrix of the mind. The soul ever present, lives in the creativity of our imagination where everything is born. If you want to co-create your dreams, you must surrender Your Will for Divine Will. Mercury is the messenger so he will bring back the visions from deep within the unconscious mind through dreams and artistic inspiration; as for Uranus, it works with our subconscious mind and illuminates through flashes of insights and shifts of perceptions. This is a potent portal that opens us to new visionary ideas. Pisces pulls us inside and disconnects us from the hustle and bustle, so we may decode the veracity Mercury brings forth. This month we will ebb and flow, to and fro, looping our spiritual nature and mental sensitives. Pay close attention to the intuitive hits you receive but discern the messages Mercury brings into the collective and our personal lives.

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Disclaimer: Leti is an ordained minister providing  spiritual counseling rather than psychotherapy.  Her training spans over 30 years in working with people and guiding them with various methods.  The work she does is with people that seek  personal growth, self improvement and to find their inner-guidance. She does not diagnoses, work with pathology, or claim to be an expert offering a treatment or cure.