Soul Revolution and Rebirth

We may be experiencing a revolution and rebirth of the soul. (Pluto in Capricorn at 22 degrees conjuncts the South Node at 24 degrees opposite the North Node in Cancer at 24 degrees.) The veils of illusion are gone and the bareback truth is fully exposed. Some may even feel the the need to rebel due to what is coming to the surface. We will have to ride out this wild ride of transformation through the other side. The good news is that this reality check of sorts could ultimately be the catalyst for us to wake up. Venus has join this conjunction, shifting focus to what is really important and what we value the most. Venus may show us where we may have blind spots and unhealthy emotional attachment that weigh us down and breeds insecurity based on past wounds. We may be feel our emotional vunerability and security crumbling, but we can face all that is happening with more compassion and appreciation for each other (North Node in Cancer). We will gravitate to relationships that support us as we let go of the toxic ones. It is possible that this period can help us purge worn-out and painful childhood stories and disempowering beliefs of victimhood and unmet needs. Mars is now in Taurus and Uranus is at the last degrees of Aries, with Chiron recently entering Aries; this can help us find the courage to take proactive steps towards healing and taking a stand. Many may feel a strong urge to liberate ourselves from the oppressive forces, out of our control. It is obvious, we can no longer avoid the evolutionary forces of change. The collective call to action will increase because change is overdue as we experience the undeniable consequences of of our mis-creations in our environment, political and economic systems worldwide.

As we progress into March, Venus leads the way on March 1st, as she happily moves in to Aquarius; feeling there is more room to breathe and less restrained. Able to spread her wings, Venus helps us gain more distance and gain an objective and detach perspective; seeing things from a bird eyes view. On the same day before she enters Aquarius she will square Uranus bringing a jolt of insight or shock, we will see. Mercury follows with the first retrograde of year in Pisces at 29 degrees on March 5th.

The New Moon in Pisces at 15 degrees on March 1st conjuncts Neptune bringing a new sensitivity, spirituality and connection with other realms. but Mercury in Pisces as expected may bring confusion and mental fogginess. The Neptunian influence can give us pause to consider our decisions more carefully as Mercury Rx can lead to some conflict in communications , logistics,and misunderstandings. This period can serve to harmonize and refine a new sense of self-value and direction as we search for innovative solutions in regards to our environment, resources, finances and relationships to the material reality. As Spring approaches we will be facing a review and re-evaluation of our beliefs, questioning what is true? what and who can we trust?