The Shift of the Ages

Are you feeling the fullness of the moon tonight, and the intensity of energy that is building up, to help us get ready for an epic time of change in consciousness and in our evolutionary future. This full moon on November 30th, offers us the opportunity to release beliefs and ideas that we have outgrown, especially during this Covid period. Our growth has accelerated as we are preparing to cross the threshold of revolutionary change. The Full moon at 8° Gemini and opposing the Sun in 8° Sagittarius penumbral eclipse illuminates the higher mind and how we are understanding and making sense of the tsunami of information/data through social media. Mercury is in a sextile with Saturn, this favorable aspect combines the analytical and intuitive mind to probe beyond what is obvious and use its keen ability to decipher and pierce through the falsities. Mercury in Scorpio undertakes a more serious and deeper mental exploration to arrive to new perspectives, ultimately, the truth of the matter. Its passion to penetrate is strong at this time and will help us integrate a new understanding of what we have learned since the beginning of the year.

The Sun in 8° Sagittarius opposing the Moon in 8° Gemini will have you look to higher ground and principals that ring true to you. Be aware during this time as emotions can run high during these next 2 weeks after the Lunar Eclipse that is leading us to a Solar eclipse on December 14th. These two weeks are prime time to finally release what no longer is your truth. Place your focus on the internal quest for your inner truth verses the external dynamics of the world stage of social-political chaos that Covid and lockdowns have brought upon us. Pluto and Saturn are inviting us to transform unhealed patterns and distortions in our pain body by correcting misperceptions in our beliefs or old wounds that limit our perception and block healing. Jupiter brings in higher wisdom so a new understanding and healing of old wounds and disempowering beliefs can be released and transmuted. Chiron at 5° Aries is in a favorable aspect with this full moon and is known as the wounded aspect of concealed trauma and brings into light that which is ready to be healed. Aries gives us the courage and willingness to forge ahead and leave behind the past wounding and victimization. Neptune at 18 Pisces will square the nodal axis of the moon adding to the intensity of this deep process and discovery of new levels of spiritual truth, awareness, and healing. These aspects can powerfully shift you into embracing new levels of self awareness, understanding and self realization.

With Venus at 10° Scorpio opposite of Uranus at 7° Taurus will impact our relationship dynamics and issues around security, trust and how we can navigate the new insights gained over the year. How are we feeling and thinking about what no longer serves us and the deepest desire to communicate in a more meaningful way. Venus and Uranus are seeking adjustment to a new form of relating to each other and our physical environment. By releasing toxicity in both our emotional and physical body we can prepare to embody new energies and light codes that are coming in to earth that support this transformation and activate our multi-dimensional nature. This is a time of deep psychological healing and the renewal of our symbiotic relationship to the earth itself. We are undergoing a change in our architecture of beliefs and how we have perceived our reality up until 2020.

Pluto in Capricorn will continue to engage this purge and reconstruction of the foundations of all power structures that rule our nations’ government, politics, financial structures and business models. Saturn entered Capricorn in 2017, it has brought challenge and pushed us to face limitation and restriction in the imbalance and abuse of power in almost all areas of life. In 2020 we have felt the brute force of Saturn and Pluto working in conjunction to uncover the corruption of the power dynamics that prevents our evolution as a society. This process may have felt daunting at many levels, but there is a tremendous impetus to construct a new reality. Jupiter on the other hand emphasizes the quest for the truth and returning to a higher order and the need to change the paradigm of our belief structure.

There is a great anticipation in Astrology as Saturn and Jupiter will come to a “Great conjunction” on December 21 , Winter Solstice at 0° of Aquarius. The dawning of what many are calling the Age of Aquarius. The last time these two planets met in the sky in this manner was 1405, a time of great social revolutionary change. This new 20 year synodic cycle of Jupiter and Saturn brings about the shift of the ages, in which humanity begins to live in harmony. But before this enfolds, we must surrender at deep levels, because it is an end of an era, resistance is futile, as we are facing a crisis in consciousness so we can evolve. These upcoming eclipses herald in this great conjunction. It is new territory that requires rigorous examination and adjustment as old paths and ways of being and thinking are no longer available or sustainable. These times are asking us for a new level of commitment and focus on our mastery and to open to new ideas. As we shift our internal reality and connect to higher truth we can begin to manifest the change we have been waiting for in our planet.

What are the new vistas are around the corner for you? What is important to you to your foundation that you can build upon in these changing times? Can you be resourceful and innovative as these changes come into being? Are you ready to live your life with more purpose even if you feel lost or have been displaced? What attitudinal and mental adjustments or demands are you needing to face? How are you navigating endings and new beginnings in 2020?

This is an ideal time for contemplation on what the full moon brings into your conscious awareness and how you are experiencing your beliefs. 2020 has brought about these planetary alignments to support us moving into new models of experiencing reality base on how our beliefs and perceptions that have shifted and change during this tumultuous period of healing in which we had to release limiting forms at all levels of our existence. Can we embrace the unknown frontiers without looking back. Can we sustain hope and faith, rather than fear, doubt and clinging to the past structures in the coming months and years?

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Disclaimer: Leti is an ordained minister providing  spiritual counseling rather than psychotherapy.  Her training spans over 30 years in working with people and guiding them with various methods.  The work she does is with people that seek  personal growth, self improvement and to find their inner-guidance. She does not diagnoses, work with pathology, or claim to be an expert offering a treatment or cure.