The ancient practice of Shamanism has been use for thousands of years throughout many cultures and is still used by the indigenous people all over the world.  In modern day shamanism, the students are mentored into a variety of traditions, from using herbs, plant medicine, energy healing, crystals, sound, trance states and storytelling.  These traditions are offered by Shamans that have an extensive connection to the indigenous practices and have dedicated themselves to years of apprenticeship and participation in traditional ceremonies, rites, rituals and training.  As the planet experiences decimation of natural resources and climate change, more and more shamanic traditions are re-emerging as the modern world needs their medicine, for it offers miracles beyond what we are accustom  in the Western world.  

Soul Retrieval Sessions


Soul Retrieval can help re-integrate soul loss or energies.  Soul loss can occur for a variety of reasons. Many times, traumatic events may cause us to disconnect with vital parts of ourselves.  A Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our life. For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, undergo a serious operation or if we suddenly lose a close friend or family member.

From a shamanic perspective, soul loss is a common cause of illness, and states of confusion, depression and melancholy.  Traditionally, a shamanic practitioner conducts a soul retrieval soon after experiencing trauma. Facing the trauma in a safe way can assist to re-establish a sense of well being and alleviate the sense of separation, depression and feeling ill.

Power Animal Journeys 

Through deep relaxation and guided visualization, you are lead to the lower world in which the animal allies live.  This journey is moving deeply into the primal energies that connect you to the natural world, including plants, animals and nature spirits.  Using drumming and clear intention you will connect with your power animal.  Connecting with the spiritual energy  of an animal ally can assist you in many ways.   

Energy Healing

These sessions are very individual in accordance to the clients needs.  The session may include drumming, high quality essential oils, sound therapy, light trance work, and crystal healing.  Energy healings can be combined with other services.   

Ceremonies and Rites

Rites of passage are for important life event and celebrations that mark an important milestone and transitions from one stage to another.  This powerful ceremony can act as an initiation and activation to a new phase of mastery, signaling a change of status or role in the family, society and culture.  These ceremonies are customize to mark the special occasion and milestone.

Clearing and Blessing Home or office

The act of clearing a home, an office or a space you spend time in can help in clearing accumulative stagnate energies that block the healthy flow  of energies in the environment.  By performing an energetic clearing through blessing prayers, saging and purifying the space, the energy can be released and flow freely again.  This is a simple ritual that can uplight everyone that visits and occupies the space.