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Shamanic Realms

My studies and training of modern shamanism spans 25 years.  Through experiential journeys, rites and ceremonies with a variety of Shamans and indigenous practitioners.  Shamanic healing techniques have been integrated into my hypnotherapy and coaching practice for the past 10 years deriving from Native American, Peruvian and Mexican traditions.   Please review the offerings and their brief descriptions for each service.  Many of these offerings can be done remotely.  I am also happy to answer any questions you  may have by a complimentary consultation.

Shamanic Services
Ceremony  and Rites

Shamanism is about our connection and relationship to nature. Understanding that we are earth-based beings, and  that nature is real, the living knowledge of earth.  It is not a religion, but rather ancient practices and methods to restore balance, vital energy and achieve wholeness.  In shamanism, it's basic tenet is, that everything has spirit and it is alive. It is through "journeying" to non ordinary reality and traversing the landscape of the underworld, that the subconscious and collective unconscious is accessed.  Time and space does not exist,  the practitioner  enters this field activates natural energies and spiritual forces to reestablish and assist the homeostasis of the client and situation at hand.  The underworld requires guides, like ancestral spirits, angels and animal spirits. 


Soul Retreival 

Soul Retrieval can help re-integrate soul loss or energies.  Many times, traumatic events may cause us to disconnect with vital parts of ourselves.  A Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our life. For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, undergo a serious operation or if we suddenly lose a close friend or family member.  Soul loss can be a common cause of illness, and states of confusion, depression and melancholy. Traditionally, a shamanic practitioner conducts a soul retrieval soon after experiencing trauma. Facing the trauma in a safe way can assist to re-establish a sense of well being and alleviate the sense of separation, depression and feeling ill.


Sound & Energy Sessions

Sound therapy is medicine for mind, body and soul. Sound, energy and vibration  can impact us by minimizing discomfort, help us relax and release the heaviness of the heart.  This session aims to restore and revitalize you and increase a sense of well being. Along with Reiki, gem therapy and essential oils.  tuning forks along with Crystal and Tibetan sing bowls, transport you into a relaxed state.    


Power Animal Journeys 

Through deep relaxation and guided visualization, you are lead to the lower world in which animal allies live.  This journey is moving deeply into the primal energies that connect you to the natural world, including plants, animals and nature spirits.  Using drumming and clear intention you will connect with your power animal.  Connecting with the spiritual energy  of an animal ally can assist you in many ways.

Get Started
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Sessions and ceremonies are done with the upmost honor and respect to create a sacred and safe space to guide you into a relax state so you may connect with your heart and spirit.  We begin with very clear intentions and an understanding of the end result.  The sessions can last from 60-90 minutes and are conducted in a traditional manner keeping in mind your spiritual framework

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