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Star Journey Astrology

My passion and joy is to be your guide to understand and maximize your journey on this plane. As an evolutionary astrologer I will assist you to discover the journey your soul chose in this lifetime and the best way to navigate your evolution in a practical and insightful manner.   Charts are not static, they reflect life and the potential of your soul's blueprint.  Your Natal chart offers you resolution of karmic overtones, life patterns, unfinished business and what is possible for you in this lifetime.

It is my desire to assist you gain clarity, bring deeper understanding of the consciousness of your soul's life purpose and alignment, so you may be inspired and empowered in your life choices and direction.


​Your chart can provide you with information of undiscovered mastery, areas of development and your natural talents and strengths.  The reading can gleam resolution of relationships conflict and compatibility, career path, vocational direction and spiritual growth

Starry Sky

As an Evolutionary Astrologer and Coach I offer you a dynamic perspective about the meaning of your life. Through a reading we can tap into your true potential and how to resolved karmic imprints and those situation and repeating patterns. 


Leti utilizes your natal astrology chart to identify core dynamics within yourself by using EA principals.  This in-depth view of  into your life can then be applied to areas of concerns or questions you may have. The guidance and wisdom that a reading with Leti offers can lead you to a better understanding of the opportunities for growth, life direction and healing in your soul's journey. In this way your natal chart can empower your choices and help you transform your life experience in a way that can be profoundly illuminating and life changing.

Starry Sky

Shoot for the Moon, if your miss, you will land among the stars

What is Human Design?  Human Design is system that acts  like a map helping us navigate in life. It like your blueprint, a unique system of self knowledge and discovery very different from anything other system that exists in the planet today. Human Design is an excellent tool to understand how to best function at your highest potential and make the best use of your specific energetic type.  Human Design is a tools that uses ancient wisdom for the modern world.  Leti uses this tool to help you better align with your true essence and expression, how to best make decisions and achieve balance by learning to work with your design to optimize your focus, achieve your goals and feel at peace​.

Human Design uses Aura "types" as its foundation.   It's  a logical framework  that offers us  the opportunity  to understand how we can best function in the world based on our innate energetics and natural patterns.  Using types and strategies it provides us guidance and  invaluable tools so we can operate with more ease and flow.  It can assist us in making good decision without internal resistance and pressure of social conditioning.   This systems combines ancient knowledge and wisdom with new technology.

Listen to Leti interview on Evolutionary Astrology

Heaven on Earth with Host Athena Starseed, co-host Kim Hix and guest Leti C. Stiles 05-18-19

Heaven on Earth with Host Athena Starseed, co-host Kim Hix and guest Leti C. Stiles 05-18-19

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If you are not familiar with this type of reading, as I was not, it is a look at where your soul came from, why it is here, and where it is headed. I have never been to therapy but this felt much to me like what a breakthrough therapy session must feel like. Not only was it fascinating, but there were a few moments, or rather epiphanies that I feel have changed my life. Just understanding why I have chosen things I have, or why I have done things I have done. If you are looking for some insight, or possibly direction in life, I highly recommend her.  ​

Tony K. Yoga Teacher

"Leti showed me where I've been, where I am now, and where I'm going. I didn't know Evolutionary Astrology was so potent and exact. Leti framed my past in a way that was constructive and empowering, then showed me not only where I was struggling but why, so I could release it easier. Why go through years of talk therapy when one two-hour session with Leti reveals all ? 

Scott W.   Magazine Editor

My experience with this reading was insightful & transformative in so many ways.  I am grateful to have received such powerful guidance and clarity in this session with Leti.  This is my first exposure to Evolutionary Astrology and I was blown away at the accuracy. I will utilize the insights and deep understanding to make better decisions with my relationships. This was a experience that wowed me, Leti's ability to pinpoint key information in so many areas of my life was mind blowing.   I have had other astrological reading, but never walked away feeling so clear and inspired.      

Henry W.   Set Designer 

My experience working with Leti Stiles as my Life Coach was (and still is) revelatory and transformative.  After a synchronistic meeting at an outdoor summer gathering, I intuitively felt a natural connection to Leti and asked her to do a Natal Chart Reading for me. I was so blown away by how much information she was able to share with me from analyzing my charts. She was able to confirm for me many of my personality traits behavior patterns and tendencies, that I myself had self-observed over the years, but never within this specific context. Most importantly, she showed me how the adversities and relationship woes I had been experiencing had a direct connection to the lessons I needed to learn in my present lifetime, specifically, creating my personal boundaries and trusting Spirit.
Over the next several months, Leti was my Life Coach. With her soothing voice and calm demeanor, she was able to provide me with many tools, such as hypnotherapy/guided meditation and specific breathing exercises, to help me navigate through those emotionally rough moments in life. She introduced me to the concept of Human Design. She offered solid suggestions on how to respond to my wife during our separation and divorce. She truly made me feel encouraged and supported throughout the time we worked together. I heartily recommend Leti to anyone who wants to work with a Life Coach who is insightful, patient, supportive and compassionate.

Donn S. Writer, Producer, Musician

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