Your Vision is My Vision

It’s good to have someone in your corner that will cheer you on when you engage into unknown territory.  I am a dedicated and devoted guide that will give you sound, practical support and professional feedback that is invaluable.  Your Vision becomes my Mission, what does that mean?  


In working with me, you will find that I utilize practical wisdom, personal growth methodologies along with indigenous and shamanic knowledge.  This gives me an array of tools and flexibility to assist you to discover your natural strengths and innate talents. It means that we work together to make your Vision a reality and ensuring you disengage from activities, habits and beliefs that block you, breed confusion and slow you down on your journey.  Once you gain clarity of direction and purpose, the exciting phase of discovery begins. By utilizing my expertise and access to a myriad of tools and experience, you will begin to move towards your vision with clarity, confidence and self-assurance. In fact you will enjoy the journey and arrive to the promise of your destiny. 

Shadow Work and Resistance

The deepest work of transformation is done in the shadows of the mind, where we have kept old wounds and disowned part of ourselves on a shelf of old memories.  It is fertile ground that can bring about real change by unmasking the wounded parts hiding deep in our psyche.  Shadow-work is simply, transforming trauma, emotional pain and suffering into absolute freedom and joyful living.  This work is always part of the curriculum in life.  This transformative work  can bring you back you to your authentic unique expression and catapult you to live life without apologies or limits.  I have found throughout the years in working with clients, that resistance is part of the process of life and can be use to create real change.  "What you resist, persist" and what you hide from will eventually find you.  For those that wish to uncover a deeper connection to themselves and life’s purpose, it is essential work. To dissolve the resistance, you will learn to use it as a positive force to accelerate you to a new level of  self-mastery.  All long your resistance has been a misunderstood motivator and without realizing it has been a force used against yourself by holding distorted perspective, outdated beliefs and strategies. 


Re-imagining a life that is authentically aligned with your soul path and purpose is an exciting endeavor.  Through one on one sessions, coaching and mentorship, I facilitate your journey with a spiritual perspective. The objective is to eliminate the blocks that are holding you back so you may regain your confidence and move forward with what gives your life meaning and joy. 


Once you reconnect to your unique expression, you can find peace of mind and self-acceptance. The insights and guidance you will receiving working with me are tailored specifically to where you are at in life, you can go fast or slow.  It’s a magical, alchemical process done with the aim of assisting you to live in full alignment with your soul’s desire and co-create a fulfilling life.


You will find that at your deepest core, what most humans want, is to live an authentic life in which they are free to embody their deepest truth, in their careers, their relationships and life's mission.