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Explore your Subconscious Universe

Thousands and if not millions of people have been helped by discovering and harnessing the power of their subconscious mind.  It’s a proven method that works for many people with a variety of issues.


Hypnosis is a natural, yet a focused state of mind in which the critical thinking mind is relaxed, and selective thinking is established. Hypnosis is as natural as, meditating, day dreaming or experiencing the relaxed state before we fall asleep or right before we wake up.  It is a natural process that our body is familiar with. Through deep relaxation, the subconscious mind can be reached, and tapped into the hidden power of the higher mind.


This is effective method is safe using deep relaxation techniques in which the analytical, logical mind quiets down and allows access to the subconscious mind.  In this receptive and open state the subconscious mind can lead us to the root cause of an issues that has been buried deep down in the subconscious memory, like negative emotions, fears and faulty perception and thinking.  In this deep state of mind we can work with the subconscious, making positive suggestions for the desire changes.

Phobias, habits, and other mental issues are all eliminate through hypnotherapy. The reason we can’t erase or control these issues or disempowering patterns on our own is because they deeply embedded in the subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is the key to making lasting changes in behavioral patterns, release trauma and optimization of new modes of behavior.  In turn, help the body heal, release trauma, negative feelings, and disempowering thoughts and resolve inner conflict between the conscious mind and subconscious mind.


Like computer’s anti-virus program, one can tap into the mind and removes viruses, corrupted files that plague our daily functioning, enable and install new positive programs.  Once “upgraded”, life is easier and change happens.

Take Control Back

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Through the use of hypnotherapy  and NLP one can access the power of the subconscious mind making positive, empowering, suggestions to work towards accelerated healing and change.

Hypnotherapy helps in the process of feeding positive thoughts and influencing the subconscious mind to work with the conscious mind to make the changes in behavior and beliefs system. This dynamic drives our perception on experiences in our reality.  Hypnosis will work with the subconscious mind to resolve conflict between the conscious mind and subconscious mind created by the negative ego mind.  Through hypnotherapy the subconscious mind can override negative beliefs, traumas, and incorporate more beneficial and positive driven beliefs to aid in healing of the body and mind.   

The hypnotherapist can work by optimizing positive thinking and belief systems to affect change and influence the conscious mind to cooperate to make the desired changes.  It is similar to removing a computer virus from the hard drive that allows all programs to work optimally.  Our thoughts determine how we feel and how we perceive our experience in life.  The better we feel, the better we can deal with stress, illness, daily challenges and help our brain produce new neural-path ways that increase our sense of well being and a positive state of mind.  

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