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Transformational Coaching

Everything you want is on the other side of Fear

Lets build the bridge to the other side 

Transformational Coaching sessions are designed specifically to your goals and timeline.  Together we create a strategy towards motivating you to move forward with clarity, enthusiasm and take inspired action.  Our Session are a deep inquiry into how to achieve satisfying relationships, become aligned with your personal power and life path, obtain financial prosperity and fast track your career path. Leti helps you transform and  discover how to overcome indecision, confusion, fear of change and confront challenges with more ease and grace.  An integrative and practical approach leads the way to real answers along with winning strategies for each individual client.

Is it time for you to move forward and experience a breakthrough  ?

Why is it hard to change ? A great question, right?


Mainly because we are afraid of the unknown, fear of failing or maybe we don’t trust the universe, god or ourselves.  When we are in new territory we will fumble and make choices that don’t seem right or revert to old habits and self sabotage. So an expert guide that has traverse the unknown terrain is needed.  If you would like support in facing these changes, and  are in a major life transition and want to move forward, I can offer you my expertise. 

Why Work With Me?


  • Breakthrough Limitation and Block

  • Align with Your Authentic Expression and Excitement

  • Uncover Your True Potential for Success

  • Conquer Fear of the Unknown and Regain Confidence

  • Discover A New Direction and Gain Self-Mastery

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