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2023 Astrological Overview

Summary overview of 2023

The New Year is upon us and it will be a year of great change and preparation to leap into new levels of consciousness. We begin the year with three planets in retrograde, Mars in Gemini, Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. These planets continue the period of introspection and mindfulness we’ve been undergoing the past couple of months. We are encouraged to think before we act and conserving our physical energies. One of the biggest changes of 2023 will be Pluto ingresses from Capricorn into Aquarius in March 23, 2023. This will bring incredible changes for the collective. A phrase that comes to mind is “power to the people” indicating an up rising of activism and socioeconomic reform; pushing off the imposed limitations of the past three years of we have experienced with Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn will ingress from Aquarius into Pisces the on March 7th for the next three years, bringing reality checks, teaching us to be responsible and encouraging us towards spiritual mastery. Saturn brings stability and direction, that is very much needed. With Saturn in Pisces, we will need to be grounded and take action on our dreams. Spiritual bypassing, gaslighting and fear tactics will no longer work for most that can see through the manipulation and lies.

Venus the planet of love, harmony, beauty and relationships will be in Leo, for an unusual period of 4 months starting June 5th to October 8th. Leo it’s ruler the Sun, lights ups our creativity and playfulness or stirs up great passion and drama. Venus will also retrograde in Leo from July 23rd to September 5th having us reexamining our personal relationships, creativity and finances. From December 22, 2022 through May 16, 2023, Jupiter the planet of expansion and faith will re-enter Aries, it’s ruler Mars, the god of war and a driven maverick looks for new adventure and exploration.

Uranus the planet of freedom, sudden change, and rebellion will


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