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Can Astrology Predict the Future?

Can Astrology really help us ? I would say absolutely yes, and it has its own parameters, and we must understand what it can and cannot do for us. It is a helpful tool if used with discernment and understanding of its limits. From my perspective as an Evolutionary Astrologer, astrology is fascinating and it can be beneficial. It is only valuable in the right hands and depends on the expertise of the consulting astrologer.

Astrology does not make anything happen, we are not puppets on a string for the planets to mandate what we do or how to proceed in our lives. Contrary to popular belief and ideas that are broadcasted on the internet, astrology is not fortune telling or requires belief, as it is not a religion. Many turn to astrology with a sincere desire to know what is going to happen next in their life. Astrological horoscopes and forecasts have become very popular, some may view it as entertainment while others see it as a helpful system that can be used for spiritual and personal growth. The quality of astrological services is dependent on the astrologer's knowledge and approach. From my perspective astrology simply reflects the "weather" and how we respond to the energetic frequencies of the planets; it gives us information on themes, patterns and timing of events, but not how it will unfold. After all, we have free will and there is much debate whether astrology can predict the future or if it's simply a false panacea.

Astrology is an ancient science that can be applied in many areas of life and there are many branches to explore. Astrology is having a Renaissance period, as people are looking for guidance in such uncertain and tumultuous times. However, consider when you turn to this modality, what are you seeking to learn? why and how will it be applied?

There is an infinite number of articles and videos on YouTube of celebrity astrologers and Apps that have flooded the market. It is definitely a very interesting subject that has us reading what is happening with the astrological influences in our lives and in the world at large. What we forget, is that astrology is an ancient science and an art that has been used by advanced civilizations for eons. The Mayan and Egyptian cultures used astrology to guide their relationship to the cosmos. They used the cycles of the moon and planets for agriculture and religious purposes, that are still in practice today by farmers and spiritual organizations. Their pyramids and stone circles are still as accurate as a clock, and are perfectly aligned to certain star systems. Astrology once was outlawed and consider fortune telling, and it is still maligned in some circles; due to not understanding its history or negative cultural and religious held beliefs. In ancient times all queens and kings consulted astrologer-priests, on when to go to war, when to plant their crops, and timing of important events. The scientific community considers astrology to be a pseudoscience because it does not conform to the scientific box. Astrology uses the same astronomical information of the cosmos as astronomers; but it uses a difference lens to measure probabilities of timing, patterns and shared archetypical qualities within the chart system. Science does not consider the variables on how astrology arrives at its conclusions. It's more holistic in its approach and uses a philosophical framework and culture relevancy. Astronomy studies the physical universe while astrology focuses on the relational and behavioral human tendencies. Therefore, this cannot be measure by rigid scientific models and theories. Astrology has been bastardize by the scientific community despite that their scientific theories and models are always changing and evolving. What was once thought to be a scientific fact 20 years ago is now false or has been replaced with a better version.

Looking for predictive information about what’s going on is not a negative thing. However, once you predict, it can give people a false idea or hope; because so much goes in determining outcomes, predictions are not 100% flaw proof. So then why turn to astrology? a good question.

Using the EA method safeguards that a chart is read from a different angle rather than using popular methods that focus on generalities of signs, houses and their meaning. The EA method is based on correlation and observation, meaning that we are looking to see how the information is relevant specifically to the client's present situation, history and needs. The information that is gleamed from the chart must align with the clients life experience and events. One can forecast rather than predict events and verify patterns that may lend themselves to certain outcomes. Using astrology as a tool to help a client gain a new perspective and clarity helps in making better decisions or at least feel more confident in how to proceed. A chart can reveal information that may not be easily accessible to the average person therefore, you must turn to an expert.

If you are curious and have a sincere intention to learn and discover more about a situation or circumstance in your life, seek an astrologer that aligns with you. Many astrologers have Youtube channels, social media accounts, blogs and websites that can help you find the right astrologer. Remember, astrology is a powerful tool in the right hands and most people that turn to it over and over find value and are helped to gain more self knowledge, verify hunches and obtain helpful information.


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